Gear I Use

As with any guitarist, my gear is always changing. That said, here's what I'm currently using.

Electric Guitars

  • G&L Legacy USA - Classic Strat sounds. Super comfy classic C shape neck, Alnico V pickups and G&L's incredibly stable floating bridge. I sold my Suhr for this guitar and haven't regretted it for a second.
  • Gibson Les Paul Standard - There's nothing quite like a good Les Paul. Mine is a 2013 model with push/pull pots offering coil taps, out of phase setting and a bypass setting that sends the signal straight from the bridge pickup to the output.
  • Thinline Telecaster - I bought this guitar from the amazing Allen Hinds. It's basically a recreation of a 69 Fender Thinline Telecaster. One really cool thing about this one is the 4 way pickup selector switch - bridge alone, bridge + neck in parallel, neck alone, and bridge + neck in series. Plus it looks stunning.
  • Peavey Wolfgang - Incredible rock axe, and more versatile than one might expect. Mine is the hard tail version. This is the guitar I'm holding in the pic at the top of this page. I have it set up as a baritone guitar in C standard tuning.
  • Gretsch 6122 Country Classic Jr - Classic Gretsch looks, classic Gretsch tone. And it's not much bigger than a Les Paul. Andrew Timothy's G&L Legacy USA, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Gretsch 6122 Jr, Thinline Tele and Peavey Wolfgang.

    Acoustic Instruments

  • Collings D2H - One of the best sounding acoustic guitars I've ever played. Purchased from Gruhn Guitars here in Nashville.
  • Taylor 114CE - Great gigging acoustic. Plus it pairs nicely with the Collings for big stereo acoustic tracks.
  • Regal Resonator - Great for getting swampy acoustic slide sounds and bluegrass textures.
  • Alvarez Yairi CY118 Classical Guitar - I haven't spent much time with this instrument since my senior recital, but it still gets some use on the occasional session. I also enjoy writing on this guitar.
  • Michael Kelly Dragonfly Mandolin - A fun instrument that sounds great as an added texture in a track.

    Andrew Timothy's Alvarez Yairi Classical, Regal Resonator, Collings D2H, Taylor 114CE and Michael Kelly Dragonfly Mandolin.


  • 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb - This amp is the real deal, a true vintage classic. Someone was literally throwing this amp away! True story. My friend gave me a call and told me about it. I jumped on it.
  • Shaw Fulltilt 30 w/2x12 cab - Fantastic amp built by my friend Kevin Shaw. 2 channels...1 with EF86 preamp tubes, 1 with 12AX7 preamp tubes. EL34 power tubes. Tone Tone Tone!
  • Fractal Audio Axe FX II - The best gear purchase I've ever made. Both in the studio and on the stage, this thing sounds fantastic. Digital has finally caught up to analog! I monitor through M-Audio BX5a's in the studio and a Tech 21 Power Engine live.
  • Fractal Audio MFC-101 - Midi controller for the Axe FX
  • Partial list of pedals (since it's always changing) - Jetter Gold Standard OD, Rockett Chicken Soup OD, Mythos Pedals Mjolnir OD, Pigtronix Disnortion, Fulltone Clyde Wah, Xotic EP Booster, Ernie Ball VP jr, JHV3 modded Line6 M9, Eventide TimeFactor, Strymon Bluesky
  • Other things... - I'm a fan of Red Bear Picks, Gravity Picks, Dava Picks, and Dunlop Jazz IIIs. I use D'Addario and Ernie Ball strings on my electrics (10s across the board).

    Andrew Timothy's 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb and Shaw Fulltilt 30

    Recording Gear / Software

  • Apogee Duet - My recording interface. Wonderful sound.
  • Logic Pro 9 and 10 - Mac-based recording software.
  • M-Audio BX5a Monitors
  • Guitar Pro 6 - The best guitar notation software I've come across.
  • Neck Diagrams - Useful for quick chord diagram notation.

    Guitar Upkeep

    My friend Kevin Williams in Mobile AL does excellent guitar setup work. You can check him out and get in touch on his facebook page - The Guitar Spa. Let him know I sent you!

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