The Value of Being Consistent

This post marks a year since I posted the first Tuesday Tip on this site. That being the case, I find it appropriate to take a look at the value of being consistent and how it applies to musical growth.

The US deficit is not the result of one bad decision on Capitol Hill. A 500 pound man is not the result of one buffet dinner. Rome wasn't built in a day. And great guitar players don't happen overnight.

"Little and Often" is a phrase I often use with my students in regards to their practicing. Ten minutes of focused practice every day is more beneficial than four hours once a week. This concept has been labeled the "Law of Accumulation" - basically stated, small changes in behavior compound over time to create significant change.

This same "Law of Accumulation" applies to you more advanced guitarists who are looking to book gigs and start making a living with your musical abilities. Approach every gig with the utmost enthusiasm and professionalism. Before long you'll have a solid reputation around town, and the gigs will be rolling in as if by magic.

So what do you do with this information?

Simple. First, be consistent in your practicing. Work in at least a few minutes of focused practice time 4-5 days a week. Focus on the fundamentals of guitar technique, theory (and how it applies to guitar), and training your ears.

Secondly, be consistent in your playing. Play every gig like it's the big one. Know the tunes. Use dependable gear. Play with convincing tone. Cater your playing to best fit the song/occasion/audience. Dress the part.

So there's the secret of the pros. Use it.

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