Rutbuster: Emulate other Instruments

So your playing is in a rut. It's always the same licks, runs, solos...

Here is a method that is sure to get you thinking and playing in new ways: emulate other instruments with your guitar.

I'm not talking about buying a MIDI guitar so your guitar actually sounds like other instruments.

Rather, listen to how other instrumentalists play. How do sax players phrase their lines? How do piano players voice chords? How do drummers change the feel for different sections of the song?

Every instrument lends itself to certian techniques and ways of playing. For instance, the tuning of a guitar makes drop 2 chords extremely easy to voice. On a piano, it's easy to play cluster voicings with lots of small intervals...close to impossible on guitar.

Do this. Pick an instrument you want to learn from. Listen to several recordings (or better yet, go see someone play it live). Make notes of common techniques, cliches, etc. employed by this instrument. Lastly, try to get the same thing happening on guitar.

Have fun with this, and keep your mind and ears open. You never know where inspiration may come from.

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