Friction Free Practicing

If you're anything like me, procrastination comes naturally. Enter friction free practicing.

Friction Free Practicing is the name I've given to the idea that you should do everything in your power to make practicing as easy as possible. In other words, friction free practicing is about removing all your excuses.

Here are some practical ways you can apply this concept.

  • Keep your guitar out of the case so it's always easily accessible.
  • Don't restrict yourself to only large blocks of time for practicing. Have 5 minutes? Go practice.
  • Keep practice tools and materials handy.
  • Maintain a practice journal so you always know where you left off at the end of your last practice session.

    This idea not only applies to starting a practice session, but also applies to doing your practice. For instance...

  • If your picking technique is keeping you from executing a passage properly, drop the left hand and work on right hand technique alone.
  • Slow down tricky licks until you can play them perfectly every time. Then and only then should you pick up the tempo.
  • If you're struggling to improvise over a progression, start by working on playing over each chord individually. Slowly start to link the chords together until the entire progression is comfortable to play over.

    These are just a few examples, but I hope the concept of friction free practice is becoming clear to you.

    The main idea is to remove any obstacles that are holding you back from getting started with practicing first, and then removing any obstacles that are keeping you from perfect execution of musical ideas second.

    Question: What have you found to be helpful in keeping your practice times consistent and consistently beneficial?

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