The Habit That Will Guarantee Results

We all want results. Let's face it...we live in a results-based society, for better or worse. And to make things more difficult, we have the social networks that are constantly reminding us of our own inferiority.

We all want results, but only a small portion of us seems to be getting the results we want consistently.

So what gives? What separates the dreamers from the ones living the dream?

At the most fundamental level, those who are living their dreams have mastered the art of getting started.

  • Want to get in shape? Put your running shoes on and step outside.
  • Want to learn jazz guitar? Pick up your guitar and start learning a tune.
  • Want to become a songwriter? Write one chord progression.
  • Want to start teaching guitar? Book one lesson.

    It's that simple. Get started. Do something. Stop merely talking about it. Stop merely thinking about it. End the procrastination. Work. Play. Experiment. Sweat. Learn. Refine. Grow.

    Once you master the art of getting started, momentum becomes your new best friend. You won't just dream, you'll create and deliver.

    What is it that you've been dreaming about accomplishing? How can you take the first step and begin to turn your dream into reality?

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