Guitar Articles for the Advancing Guitarist

Sometimes as a guitarist things seem to fall into place, almost as if by magic. Your tone is great, your ideas are original and good at the same time, no technical barriers stand between you and the music you hear in your head...

Then you wake up.

Unfortunately, the road to becoming a great guitar player is often a lonely, uphill climb. Sometimes your tone is less than stellar, your ideas are stale, and your technique trips you up.

The articles you'll find on this page are my humble attempt to share some of the insights and ideas that have proven beneficial in my own struggle to become a great guitarist. I genuinely hope you enjoy them!

Life as a Freelance Guitarist

", umm, what exactly do you do all day?" A question freelance musicians here all the time. Here's my answer.

How to be a Full-time Musician: Part 2

Reflections on year 2 of my freelance career, with tips on networking, attitude and education.

How to be a Full-time Musician: Reflections on the Past Year

As of the writing of this article, I've been a full-time musician for a year. Here I discuss some of the most important discoveries I've made during that time.

The 7 Habits of Excellence

Learn the seven habits of excellence (as presented in Gerald Klickstein's book The Musician's Way) that every aspiring musician needs to develop.

Guitar Phrasing - 6 Tips To Make You Sound Like A Pro

Great Phrasing is what separates the men from the boys. Learn six tried and true tips for improving your phrasing!

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