Guitar Lesson FAQs

1. Where do you teach your lessons?
I teach out of my home studio in the Donelson area of Nashville, near the intersection of Stewarts Ferry and I40. Contact me for the address.

2. What ages do you teach?
I teach ages 10 and up. Occasionally I'll work with younger students if they show real interest.

3. How long are the lessons?
You have the choice of either 30 minute or 60 minute weekly lessons. For beginner students, 30 minutes is what I recommend. More advanced students often need a full hour to get the most out of their lessons.

4. I have a friend/family member that I'd like to take lessons with. Will you teach us both at the same time?
Yes. Doubles lessons are great for beginners and more advanced students alike.

5. How much do lessons cost?
Lesson rates are based on a monthly schedule and are as follows: $115/month for weekly 30 minute lessons, $180/month for weekly 60 minute lessons, $90/month for weekly 30 minute doubles lessons, $120/month for weekly 60 minute doubles lessons.

6. Do you give a discount for families with more than one student?
Yes. For each additional family member, you receive a $30 discount on their monthly tuition. For example, a family with 2 students taking individual 30 minute lessons would be charged $200/month ($115 for first student, $85 for second student).

7. What qualifies you to teach me guitar?
I received a Bachelor of Music degree in 2009 from the University of South Alabama. I also did undergraduate work at the University of Southern Mississippi and Belmont University in Nashville, TN. I have a background in classical guitar and contemporary commercial styles. As a professional, I have experience both on stage and in the studio. I do sideman work for several artists and worship leaders and have been hired by several churches as either a staff musician or as an additional player for special events. As a session player, I'm the first call guitarist for producers Jeff Quimby and Matt Baker. On top of that, I have an insider's understanding of the music industry due to my 2 1/2 years of employment at Integrity Media Inc from 2009-2011. All of this adds up to a well-educated, experienced guitar teacher for you!

8. What if I don't live near Nashville? Do you teach online?
Yes! If you have Skype, Google+ or Facetime and a high speed internet connection, we can do lessons via webcam. For more info about webcam guitar lessons, CLICK HERE.

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