Open Position Chords in 5 Keys: A Guitar Lesson for Songwriters & Worship Leaders (Part 1)

E Major Chord Family

G Major Chord Family

A Major Chord Family

C Major Chord Family

D Major Chord Family

In this lesson we'll be looking at 5 keys and 7 open position chords that go with each of these 5 keys. The keys we'll look at are E major, G major, A major, C major and D major.

The reason I've chosen these 5 keys is because each of them offer great open position chord voicings on the guitar which are great for songwriting and worship leading. Part 2 of this series will look at musical applications of these chord families.

Until then, here are some practice tips.

  • Focus on one key at a time and work to master the seven chords in that key's chord family.
  • As you practice, say aloud the number of the scale degree that each chord is built from.
  • Once you can play all seven chords in each key in order, start mixing them up, and call out the chord number as you go.

    Click here to see Part 2

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