Hiring Musicians: The No-Nonsense Approach

Subtitle: "What Every Freelance Musician Wishes You Would Tell Them So They Wouldn't Have To Ask"

Musician or not, this Tuesday Tip is for anyone who hires freelance musicians. This is a quick look inside the mind of a freelance musician.

First, here are the essential pieces of info you should give on your first call/text/email when hiring a musician.

1. When/Where/What? Let them know the date, time, location and type of event.

2. What does it pay? Yes, we all care about this. We have to. Never make a musician ask what the gig pays. Tell them up front.

So no more "Can you play Saturday night?" Instead, try "Can you play Saturday night? One hour acoustic set here in town. Pays $100."

Once you get a "yes" from a musician, you'll want to communicate these other details.

1. Event Schedule

2. Set List

3. Gear Information. Will backline be provided? Will you have an in-ear monitor system or wedges? Etc.

4. Other Miscellaneous Info. If driving from out of town, is mileage covered? What's the dress code? Who else is playing? Etc.

There you have it. Keep this list in mind next time you have to hire a musician for a gig or session.

Question: Did I miss anything? What other information do you like before a gig?

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