Little and Often

I've written several Tuesday Tips dealing with guitar practice topics, but this one is perhaps the most fundamental.

This tip doesn't deal with what to practice, but how to practice. Are you ready?

Practice little and often.

Let's break this down. First, practice little. This has two meanings. One, set a time limit for your practice sessions to keep them reasonable and easily doable (start at just 10 minutes). Two, limit the focus of your practice session to only one or two topics.

Second, practice often. Rather than trying to spend 3 hours practicing in the evening, break it up into several shorter, more focused practice times throughout the day.

Here's the problem most of us have in terms of practicing guitar...we don't do it.

We all know we should be practicing if we want to improve as musicians, but with the endless list of topics to cover, songs to learn, gear to figure out, etc. we end up completely overwhelmed. Paralyzed by overwhelm, we don't practice at all.

Sound familiar?

Your solution is simply to practice little and often. Pick one aspect of your playing to work on and set aside 10 minutes to work on it. Forget everything else you "should" be practicing. After a few weeks of this, you'll have a great new practice habit that will keep you moving towards your musical goals.

Give it a shot and let us know how it works out for you in the comment section below.

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