Look Up

A common and paralyzing habit of many guitar players is this...staring at the fretboard at all times.

So here's your Tuesday Tip.


Look up. Look around. Close your eyes. Throw your head back.

A few things will happen when you do this. At first, it'll feel like you're riding a bike without training wheels for the first time. You'll second guess your position shifts and chord grips. It's scary.

But then you'll realize that you can, in fact, play guitar without constantly staring at the fretboard. As a result, your stage presence will drastically improve. So will communication with your band members. You'll be ready for those dark stages where you used to struggle to see the fretboard. You'll be freed up to trust your ears and not your eyes, making you a more musical player all around.

Sometimes it ok to look down at the fretboard, but more often than not you should look up.

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