A Music Career Tip

So you want to make a living playing guitar?

As far as making it as a player, we've all heard that it's not what you know but who you know that counts.

Thus, networking is a great tool for getting your music career going.

Old news, I know.

But here's a tip I learned from an interview I saw with the great Nashville session drummer Dan Needham.

According to Dan, all of his big career breaks as a drummer came from non-drummers.

His advice was to focus on befriending musicians who play instruments other than yours. Think about it...if your network is mainly other guitar players, do you think they'll have lots of gigs to hook you up with? Maybe an occasional sub situation, but nothing more in all likelihood.

On the other hand, drummers, bass players, pianists, etc. are constantly being asked if they know of a guitarist for a certain gig.

Of course I'm not recommending that you shun all other players of your instrument. That much should be clear. However, don't expect those relationships to bring you a whole lot of work.

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