Practice your Performance Posture

One thing that I always recommend is that you recreate your performance environment as closely as possible during your practice time.

One easy yet often overlooked aspect of performance environment is your performance posture.

I would guess that most of you practice guitar while sitting and resting the guitar on your right leg. There's nothing terribly wrong with this approach, but there may be a better way for you.

If you're in a rock band, you'll be standing at your gigs. Not only that, you'll be expected to move around the stage a bit and not stand there like a statue. As silly as it may feel, you should practice this way. Otherwise, you'll have to work out the kinks of your stage presence in front of a crowd. That can be awkward.

On the other hand, if you have a gig playing in an orchestra pit, you need to get used to sitting while you play those tunes. And you may have to get used to close quarters. I've played some pit gigs where I barely had room to move from side to side without hitting the next musician over with my headstock.

The bottom line is this...the posture required of you by your gig should influence the posture you practice with. This is a no brainer, but how many of us actually do this?

Here's one final thought for you. When you sit to practice, consider resting the guitar on your left leg rather than your right leg. This positions the guitar in a more natural and comfortable position. It also more closely resembles the position the guitar will take when you're standing up.

Hopefully these ideas will prevent you from working out your technique and then having it all fall apart on the gig because your posture and the position of the guitar changes from the practice room the the stage.

What's your take on this? Do you sit or stand to practice? Or both? Do you spend time practicing your stage presence?

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