Rutbuster: Play Without A Pick

First of all, this is not a lesson on fingerstyle guitar. It is simply my attempt to convince you to give it a try.

Secondly, this is aimed primarily at electric guitarists. Acoustic players are much more likely to already be doing this stuff. (But to all you acoustic guys, you're more than welcome to continue reading).

With that said...I brainstormed some of the unique benefits you get as a fingerstyle guitarist and came up with the 8 listed below.

  • You have a more direct connection with the guitar than with a pick.
  • Open-voiced chords on non-adjacent string sets are available to you. This can get you a more piano-like sound in your rhythm playing.
  • Arpeggios are easier to execute.
  • You will have a warmer/more organic attack on the notes you play. Or grow some nails for more articulation.
  • String muting happens more naturally.
  • Ever dropped a pick in the middle of a solo? Problem solved!
  • String skipping licks are a much easier.
  • You can add some counterpoint (multiple melodies played simultaneously) to your playing.

    Hopefully this list will inspire you to at least give fingerstyle playing a chance. If you want more inspiration, check out some recent videos of Jeff Beck. If that doesn't do it, you may want to consider selling all your guitars.

    Did I miss anything? Leave a comment with your own ideas about playing electric guitar without a pick.

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