Practice Opposites

When working on any area of your musicianship, one thing that can really speed up your progress is to practice opposites.

Another way of saying it would be "practice contrasting techniques".

For example, if you're working on your legato playing, contrast that with very stacatto playing.

Try alternating legato and stacatto phrases. Try to make the contrast as pronounced as possible. This will develop your control to a high level.

Other ideas for this type of opposties practice could be...

  • Dynamics - work the extreme ends of the dynamics spectrum, from extremely soft to extremely loud.
  • Rhythm - fast/slow, straight/swing, syncopated/straight, triple/duple, etc.
  • Emotional Content - aggressive/laid back, happy/sad, angry/joyful, etc.

    Have some fun with this practice tip. And don't be afraid to make the contrast as stark as possible.

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