3 Ways you can Practice Without a Guitar

If there's anything I get tired of hearing from my students it's this..."I meant to practice this week, but I was suuuuuper busy and didn't get around to it".

I get it. Life is busy, and improving on guitar isn't on the top of everyone's priority list. But here are 3 ways you can practice even when you don't have your guitar with you. So long, excuses!

1. Listen - Learn to be an active listener. Try to visualize the music you hear on the fretboard. If that's too much, try to figure out the rhythms of the parts and strum along on your air guitar (or more discreetly if you don't want strange looks from everyone around you). You'll be amazed how much easier it is to learn how to play songs that you've spent quality listening time with.

2. Test your Fretboard Knowledge - Name ii V I progressions in all keys. Spell out the diatonic 7th chords in E major. Name the strings/frets where all the Ab notes can be found. Etc.

3. Visualize - This is an insanely powerful practice technique. Use your mind's eye to see/feel/hear yourself playing the guitar. Visualize effortlessness and perfection. Perfect tone. Relaxed shoulders. Efficient movement. Since dealing with a nagging left hand injury over the past year, I've been forced to spend a lot more time practicing this way. It works.

There you have it. No more excuses for not having the time to practice!

Do you have your own techniques or ideas for practicing without a guitar? Leave a commment.

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