3 Tips for Pre-Gig Professionalism

No guitarist heads out to the gig hoping they look like an amateur. Yet many do look like amateurs before the gig. Here are 3 quick tips to up your pre-gig professionalism.

1. Stop the mindless noodling on stage before the set. The venue is not your practice room. The venue is not Guitar Center. Get your sound check and be done with it. Unless you're Guthrie Govan, nobody wants to hear your noodling anyways.

2. Learn to communicate with the sound guy, and be nice to him. This is a biggie. The sound guy can make or break a gig, so you'll want to do everything you can to make him like you. Be polite. It also doesn't hurt to understand the basics of live sound so you can clearly communicate with him.

3. Be friendly towards the other bands. It doesn't take much. Walk over and introduce yourself. Ask them about their music, schedule, etc. A little friendliness goes a long way.

These tips are common sense, but sometimes a restatement of the obvious is a necessary thing.

What are some other tips for being more professional before a gig? Let me hear your thoughts.

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