Quick Tips - Little Ideas for Big Improvement

Welcome to Quick Tips. Here you'll find quick, to-the-point guitar tips garnered from my years of playing, teaching and generally being obsessed with all things guitar. Check back regularly as I'm always adding new Quick Tips!

Sometimes little ideas cause huge shifts in the way we think about and process certain information. The goal of Quick Tips is to produce those shifts for you, helping you learn guitar faster and making you a more creative musician in general. Hopefully some lightbulb moments await you!

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3 Tips for Memorizing Tunes in a Hurry

A Recipe for Continual Improvement

Making Rests Musical

Tempo and Dynamics

Transcription for the Recording Guitarist

Hands Free Tone Tweaking

Hiring Musicians: The No-Nonsense Approach

4 Tips for Solo Guitar Arrangements

Music Reading Tips

Learn To Read

Thoughts on Groove and Surfing

Acoustic Guitar: 3 Tips for Fast Strumming

5 Tips for Making Your Guitar Sound Like a Ukelele

Radio Jams: Ear Training the Fun Way

How to Smooth out your Phrasing

Mind Hack: Staying Relaxed on Fast Tunes

On Learning Arpeggios Across the Entire Fretboard

On Learning Scales Across the Entire Fretboard

Behind The Nut Bending

Enough Is Not Enough

How to Quickly Raise your Action for Slide Guitar

The Fastest Way To Learn New Music

Combining Rhythm and Lead Playing

Practice Opposites

Guitar Zen: What Are You NOT Doing

Stop Losing Your Place in the Form

Before You Go On Tour...

Arpeggio Pairs for Modal Soloing

The Habit That Will Guarantee Results

Rhythm Section Mindset

Combining Scales and Arpeggios

Tone and String Gauge

3 Tuning Tips

Playing Outside: Lydian Dominant Scale

Recognizing Chord Progressions By Ear

Should You Teach Guitar?

Technique Workout: Hammers Only

Left Hand Finger Placement

Guitarist Health: 3 Tips for Staying Healthy

Trade 8s...with Yourself

Little and Often

Melodic Inspiration from Random Numbers

Friction Free Practicing

The Talk vs The Walk

How to Test Your Mastery

Guitar Style Studies...Essential Elements

No Eyes, Just Ears

Practice your Performance Posture

Upper Extensions the Easy Way

Planting Technique: The Secret to Clean Picking

Tame Lows to Cut through the Mix

30 Day Challenge

Rutbuster: Ignore Your Musical Instincts

The Value of Being Consistent

Some Thoughts on Vibrato

Effective Guitar Practice - Play at the Edge of your Ability

Think Like a Producer

Rutbuster: Emulate other Instruments

A Music Career Tip

Learn By Doing

Be Your Own Guitar Teacher

Picking Technique and Tone

Keep a Listening Journal

Play Out

Memorize Songs, Sound Better

Creative Arpeggios

3 Exercises for Creative Guitar Playing

The Secret to Playing Fast

Diminished Chords Made Easy

Half-Diminished Chords Made Easy

A Key Ingredient for Success

Rutbuster: 5 Tips for Fresh Guitar Solos

Guitarist Mindset: Is the Guitar a Tool or a Toy?

Electric Guitar Recording Tips

Protect Your Ears

Rutbuster: If you Can't Hear It, Don't Play It

An Overlooked Basic of Left Hand Technique

A Shortcut to Understanding the Major Scale Modes

Building Left Hand Dexterity on Guitar

Surviving the Gig: Acclimating to Performance Environment

Take Some Time Off

Take the Challenge

3 Tips for Pre-Gig Professionalism

How to Compress your Tone without a Compression Pedal

Rutbuster: Try a Different Guitar

4 Finger Savers for Acoustic Guitar

A Method for Practicing Deeply

Basic Piano Skills

Look Up

Practice The Minimum

Rutbuster: The "Octave Cage"

Surviving the Gig: Cheat Sheets

3 Ways you can Practice Without a Guitar

3 Tips for How to Use A Capo

Ear Training - Learn to Hear Chord Tones

Rutbuster: Play Without A Pick

Say Yes to Jam Sessions

Playing with Another Guitarist

How to Make All Your Gear Sound Better

Rutbuster: Rhythmic Limitation

Session Guitarists - Endless Inspiration

The Importance of Leaving Space (and/or Mean What You Say)

Guitar Goals - Outline Your Success

Ear Training Exercise - Single String Playing

The Sound Guy is your Friend

Eliminate Your Need for a Boost Pedal

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