"Andrew - I absolutely LOVE working with you, both virtually and in person. The virtual thing has always been a little dicey for me, as I'm not able to give guidance with tone and direction on specific parts I'm hearing. You've made it a delight, because your tone is always SUPERB and you have GREAT arrangement ideas! I also love that I get files from you that are CLEARLY labeled (i.e. Bridge EG1, Verse 1 Delay EG, etc.) so I know exactly when to use them and my sessions end up being organized in a clear way ... I can't stress enough just how helpful that is to a Producer!! Anyway, just wanted to say THANKS again for all you do to help me create great music ..."

---Chris Springer

What is a Remote Session Guitarist?

For decades, if you wanted to record a song you had to book a studio, hire an engineer, book session players (and find a time they could all be there), and make sure everyone worked fast. Time is money, after all.

Of course, many sessions still work this way, which is fine if you're working with a major label's budget. If you don't have that kind of budget, remote sessions may be the perfect solution for you!

In a remote session, you hire a professional session player to record at their own studio and then send the completed track files to you. The process in a nutshell: you send me a reference track, chord charts and details of what tracks/parts you want me to record, I record the tracks, then I deliver the high resolution audio files to you. Easy!

I can add professional quality acoustic, electric and nylon string guitar parts to your project.

Ready to book your session? CLICK HERE and submit a contact form.

Andrew Timothy's guitars in his Nashville studio

"Andrew is a rare find. As a player, he's got over-the-top chops, incredible tone and is well-versed in many different styles. As a contractor, he's fast, efficient, communicative, technically savvy and simply a pleasure to work with. Our software project was a bit tedious at times and he blasted through all our requirements with precision and professionalism - helping us beat our deadlines. We will definitely be using him again for future recording projects!"

---Rick B.
Music Software Developer

Who is this for?

  • The songwriter who wants a professional playing on his/her song demos or EP.
  • The producer who needs a certain sound for a project that can't be found in his/her hometown, or who struggles to find pro-level players nearby.
  • The composer who wants to see his/her compositions come to life with real, professionally recorded guitar tracks.
  • The band who wants to bring in an outside sound to the mix.
  • The solo musician looking to collaborate with another creative professional.
  • Anyone else who feels they would benefit from a remote session guitarist!

    "I have had the honor of working in the studio with Andrew Timothy on several occasions. Andrew has tracked electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, and has even helped arrange and assist on a few of my sessions. Andrew is a fantastic player that plays with no compromises and has exceptional attention to detail. He is always up to date with current tones, styles, licks, and playing techniques. Whether it is a screaming electric solo, or a delicate acoustic fingerpicked passage, he is always prepared and on the mark every time. I highly recommend him as a session guitarist."

    ---Ted Skolits

    Andrew Timothy recording at the Dark Horse Institute in Franklin TN

    Why Use a Remote Session Player?

  • Convenience. Scheduling is a breeze when working with a remote session player. Also, there's no studio to book or gear to lug around.
  • Cost Effectiveness. Forget about spending your cash on renting a studio, paying an engineer and covering my travel costs. All those expenses disappear when working with a remote session player.
  • No Time Crunch. In a standard recording situation, time is money. With remote sessions, I work on my own time. I'll have as much time as I need to get the perfect sound for your tracks.
  • Professional Quality. There is no longer a need to settle for less than stellar quality on your recordings. Can't find a professional guitarist in your town? No problem. You've just found a professional guitarist that works remotely!
  • Tap into a Network of Recording Professionals. I have access to many other recording professionals that could potentially benefit your recordings. I can connect you with rhythm section players (bass, drums, keys), background vocalists, horn players and even mixing and mastering engineers. Need anything in addition to guitar tracks? Just ask!

    Ready to book your session? CLICK HERE and submit a contact form.

    "Andrew Timothy is one of the finest professional guitarists, instructors, and players in Nashville TN. If you are a Songwriter that needs top quality work done online or in the studio, Andrew is the one for you! We send him very rough demos, and he turns them into masterpieces in a very timely manner. We have nothing but great praise for his work and the artistic creativity he brings to the Songs. Andrew is definitely a master at his craft."

    ---Lisa Skinner-Escalante and Pete Escalante

    Session Samples

    Check out the following clips to hear my work on several recent projects.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost?

    Price is determined on a case by case basis, so I can't give you an accurate estimate that would be appropriate across the board. That said, the factors that affect price are 1) how quickly you need the tracks done, 2) how many guitar tracks the song requires, 3) difficulty/complexity of the song, 4) the project budget, ie. demo/low budget master/master session/etc.

    How quickly can you finish the tracks?

    That would depend on my workload and travel schedule at any given point in time. When you contact me, we can discuss your timeline and agree upon a schedule. In general, I work quickly.

    What do you need from me before you can record the tracks?

  • Reference track for each song.
  • Chord chart for each song.
  • Detailed explanation of what type of parts you would like for each song (this will be discussed prior to agreeing on a price).
  • Master session details - bit rate, sample rate, etc. to ensure compatibility.

    How will the tracks be delivered?

    I will transfer the high resolution guitar tracks to you via dropbox, google drive, or via your FTP client if you so choose. The high resolution tracks will be delivered upon receipt of full payment.

    What if I'm not happy with the tracks?

    My rate includes up to 3 rounds of revisions, so you can rest assured that you'll get the tracks you want. Although I offer 3 rounds of revisions, most clients are pleased with my first round tracks. Any work done after these 3 rounds will be billed at $50 per track per song.

    What gear do you use?

    I use an Apogee Duet recording interface and record into Logic Pro 9. My guitars, amps and effects are all pro quality. For a detailed list of my gear, see this page.

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