Session Guitar Workshop

The world of the session guitarist is one shrouded in mystery. With these session breakdowns, I'll give you a peek behind the curtain and explain exactly how and why I created the recorded guitar parts.

My aim here is twofold. One, I hope to inspire and educate other session guitarists and producers by giving real world examples of how I approach guitar recording and overdubbing.

Two, this will be a log where I can keep a clear record of recording techniques and approaches I've used. Hopefully it'll keep me inspired to try new things and keep exploring.

So here's what you can expect with each song I post.

  • A bounce down of raw guitars only so you can hear the guitar stems in isolation, individual audio files of each guitar track and a final mix when available
  • Detailed break downs of each guitar part
  • List of gear and playing techniques used
  • The "why" behind the parts...producer/songwriter directions and my thoughts and inspirations

    My hope is that more and more session guitarists will do similar things online (my hero Tim Pierce is already doing it!). Like many of you, I'm always wanting to hear different approaches to recording and continually expand my bag of tricks.

    "You Are Emmanuel" - Contemporary Christian

    "Can You See Your Dreams" - Bluesy Americana

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