Should You Teach Guitar?

Can you play a chord, a riff, a lick...anything at all on guitar?

Then YES! You should teach guitar.

Let me go ahead and eliminate some of your objections.

  • I'm not saying everyone should be a professional guitar teacher.
  • I'm not trying to belittle what professional guitar teachers do (obviously, since I am one!)

    I simply urge you to find someone who knows less than you, and teach them something on guitar. This can be as formal or as informal as you'd like.

    Now that we're on the same page, let me make a case for why I think everyone who plays guitar should teach guitar.

  • 1. Teaching guitar highlights all the gaps in your knowledge/understanding of music and/or guitar. That doesn't sound like good news, but it is! Students ask questions. This is scary at first, because you may have no idea what they're talking about or how to answer them. This gets easier over time as you learn to assess common technical and musical hurdles of guitar students. In the end, this makes you a better guitarist.
  • 2. You may ignite a passion for music in someone else. Maybe the person you start teaching will fall in love with the guitar. Congratulations! You just added a new guitarist to our ranks. That's a great gift to give someone.
  • 3. Teaching guitar will develop communication skills, empathy and critical thinking skills. All of this makes you a better human. Enough said.
  • 4. You may discover that you have a gift for teaching guitar. You may discover that you truly enjoy the experience of teaching guitar. I started teaching a few lessons as a high schooler, never thinking I would actually like it. As it turns out, I did enjoy it, as did my students. Guitar teaching now produces the bulk of my income.

    Much more could be said about the benefits of teaching guitar, but I'll rest my case.

    Here's the call to action - Find someone and offer to teach them a guitar lesson free of charge. You may be surprised by what comes of it.

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