The Talk vs The Walk

There's a common problem among us guitar playing types - we prefer the talk over the walk.

What do I mean?

The Talk = gear research, reading up on methods and techniques, researching your favorite players, discussing musical topics and ideas, etc.

The Walk = practicing, creating music, learning tunes, booking gigs, jam sessions, etc.

Now before you start throwing stones, let me say this...the talk is necessary. You should definitely spend time learning about gear, guitar methods, researching your influences, etc. I would never advise you to NOT do those things. The problem is when:

  • You know more about the latest pieces of gear than you do about the gear you already have
  • You constantly read up on new guitar methods, but you never actually practice the methods you already know
  • You find excuses not to play gigs when opportunities present themselves...then complain that there are no gigs in your town
  • You only know a few tunes start to finish
  • You know every piece in Mr. The Edge's rig, but you only know one voicing for a Gm7 chord.

    If any of this hits close to home, a little self-evaluation may be in order.

    In the interest of full disclosure, one of my main problems is wasting time researching new guitar methods when I should be practicing what I already know will make me better.

    It's easy to fall into this trap for a number of reasons. One, there are mountains of info to swim through. Two, it's way more fun to watch videos and read articles than it is to do the work of practicing and creating, at least initially.

    Question: In what way do you put the talk ahead of the walk? Do you have any tips on how to move past the problem?

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