Rutbuster: Try a Different Guitar

This is part 4 of the Rutbuster series of Tuesday Tips. If you missed the others, check them out here: Rhythmic Limitation, Play Without A Pick, The Octave Cage.

Many guitarists are known for the guitar they play. Jimi Hendrix was a Strat man. Slash is a Les Paul guy. Larry Carlton is known as "Mr. 335".

Imagine Hendrix with a hollow body jazz box, or Slash with a Telecaster. Weird, right?

The fact is, every guitar is better suited for certain types of music than others. This, in turn, makes the player alter (sometimes slightly, sometimes drastically) his approach to playing guitar.

Of course, I'm not suggesting that Strats are only good for blues and rock, or that you can't play country with a Les Paul. There are examples of guitarists in all genres playing guitars that you wouldn't expect to see (John 5 and his Tele?).

But the fact remains, if you are a Tele player, playing a Les Paul will be an interesting experience. The change in feel and tone will bring a sense of freshness to your playing.

I currently have 4 electric guitars - a G&L Legacy USA (Strat-style guitar), a Peavey Wolfgang (dual humbucker rock machine), an Xaviere XV-900 (335-style semi-hollow) and a Reverend Eastsider S (Tele/Strat hybrid). Each guitar has it's own character in terms of feel and sound. If I need to rock, I'll go for the Wolfgang. If a jazzy sound is needed, The Xaviere is my choice.

If you're a one-guitar guy, definitely try to get your hands on another guitar for a bit and see how it changes your playing. I realize it's not possible to just go buy a new guitar for most people, but I bet you can find a friend to do a "guitar swap" with. At the very least you could go to your local guitar shop and start grabbing guitars off the wall to try out.

Now it's your turn. What guitar(s) do you play and why? What's styles do you play, and how does your choice of guitar affect that?

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