Legato Shred Lick in the style of Steve Vai & Joe Satriani

Click here for tabs. I've tabbed out the scale pattern and the lick.

Both Steve Vai and Joe Satriani are known for their amazingly fluid legato technique that allows them to cover the fretboard with a single lick. The lick in this video lesson will get you going with that fluid legato technique.

A few tips to help you along...

  • Start slowly. Resist the temptation to burn this lick before you have the pattern down. When you start tensing up stop, relax, and slow it down. Effortlessness is key.
  • Work on one string at a time.
  • Isolate the string changes. If you've never used this "hammer on from nowhere" technique it can feel a bit awkward.

    Have fun with this lick. Once you get it down start coming up with your own variations and patterns using this legato style.

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