Webcam Guitar Lesssons

Anything you can learn in person, you can learn online! With services such as Skype and Google+, it's now possible to have face to face guitar lessons from anywhere in the world! All you need is a webcam and a high speed internet connection.

Here are some of the topics that I typically cover with my students.

  • Right and Left Hand Technique
  • Fretboard Theory
  • Creating Great Guitar Parts
  • How to Expand your Chord Vocabulary
  • Scales and Modes...and how to actually use them
  • The CAGED System
  • The Nashville Number System
  • Advanced Picking Techniques//Hybrid Picking, Economy Picking, Sweep Picking
  • Ear Training
  • Sight Reading for Guitar
  • How to Practice Effectively
  • How to get Great Tone
  • Improvisation Techniques
  • Recording Techniques for the Guitarist
  • FAQs

    Are webcam lesson really as good as being in the same room?

    Yes! In fact, many people are more comfortable with webcam lessons. Think about get to enjoy the comfort of your own home, you get to play on your own gear and you never how to get out in traffic! As far as lesson content, the only thing we can't do is jam together. Other than that, anything you would expect from a face to face guitar lesson is possible.

    How much do webcam lessons cost?

  • $45 per 1 hour lesson
  • $160 for a 4 x 1 hour lesson package - a savings of $20!
  • $30 per 1/2 hour lesson
  • $100 for a 4 x 1/2 hour lesson package - a savings of $20!

    How do I pay for the lessons?

    Payment will be made through PayPal. This is the most secure way of processing payments online, both for you and for me.

    What's the cancellation policy?

    We will work together to schedule a convenient time for your lesson. If you must cancel or reschedule for any reason, a 24 hour notice is required. Without at least a 24 hour notice, your payment is forfeited.

    What if we have technical difficulties that affect the lesson?

    If we have technical difficulties affecting the quality of your lesson, we'll work together to troubleshoot the issue. If the issues can't be resolved, we will either reschedule your lesson or offer a full refund.

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    What My Students Are Saying...

    "When someone is teaching or demonstrating something that I am having trouble understanding, sometimes there is no opportunity to honestly speak with the instructor. The opposite has been true since I have been taking lessons from Andrew. I feel very comfortable when asking questions, and he seems to have no trouble answering them...and that would have to be my single favorite thing about his instruction.

    I was caught up in the notion that being technically proficient was the most important thing a guitarist could be good at. I have since realized (with some help from Andrew) that this is all about music...not about how fast you can move your fingers or how many fancy chords you can play without knowing about how they are built. Playing guitar is a subset of playing music.

    The biases that I had towards certain genres of music have been destroyed. I no longer stop listening to something that I might find interesting just because of a label like Country, Bluegrass, or Polka. I have realized that there is good music to be found in all genres, languages, and time periods...and that no one should be embarrassed about what they find musically pleasant."

    ---Sam Crigler

    "The lessons have enable me to take a big step forward in my guitar skills. By learning scales and patterns I have begun to use the entire fretboard, not just the first 3 frets.

    I enjoy that the lessons are tailored to my specific needs and goals. It's not just one size fits all. Very professional, yet not too stuffy."

    ---Kyle Harper

    "As a self-taught player, lessons added structure, clarified music theory, and improved my technique. The best part is that these are not cookie cutter lessons where one format fits all. Andrew takes notes about the student and tailors each lessons to the student's ability.

    I highly recommend this guitar teacher!!! Being in the military it was important for my instructor to be flexible with my schedule. We were able to work alternate dates with no problems. Andrew also does well communicating complex theories into laymans terms."

    ---Dakata Brodie

    "As a mostly self-taught player, I had no idea what I was playing. All I knew was that it sounded cool. Through the lessons I've become increasingly aware of what I'm playing and as a result, I'm able to come up with more complex and creative pieces of music on my own.

    Probably the best thing about the lessons is how personalized it can be. If there is something I really want to learn, it gets taught. There isn't a strict guideline about the way the lessons should go, and as a result they are very adaptive to what I am most interested in.

    Perhaps the most important change since beginning the lessons has been my improvement as a musician. I don't just want to consider myself a guitarist but a musician, and I've come a long way towards that goal. In regards to knowledge of techniques, theory, and even equipment, I've improved considerably."

    ---Brian Whalen

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